I have been reading the cards for 20 years now, Tarot, Lenormand, and Paganism all came into my life within a two week time period from the serendipitous finding of a book, Life’s A Witch by Fiona Horne, which opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. For a long time Lenormand was what I read exclusively, in fact, when I first started to read the Tarot, I would ask the same question of the Lenormand with the same amount of cards, to make sure I was getting the gist of what the Tarot was telling me!


I am what I class a pictorial reader, which means I read the images on the card (along with my Clairs) relevant to the questioned asked, rather than the associated meanings to whatever particular card it is. Because of my way of reading I have around 60 plus Tarot & Oracle decks, when a client books a reading with me I say their name and question out loud, and one of my decks will immediately come to mind, and that is the deck I will use, as there is ALWAYS an image that will have a special meaning to the client no matter how small it is. 


I am blessed to be able to work from home in the lovely small Australian coastal town of Two Rocks, which allows me to be readily available.  I am an avid reader, particularly on paranormal subjects, I like to colour, I adore animals, and was honoured to have a beloved cat for 22 years.  My other interests lie in Crystals, and  I have just completed my Certificate in Crystal Healing.





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