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Are you looking for answers? Or would you like to receive  confirmation that your life is on the right track?


Perhaps you would like a fresh pair of eyes, looking at your situation. Or, you just may be curious at what the cards have to say. Whatever life stage you are currently in, from retirement, to just starting out on your chosen career path, I would love to have the opportunity to help you discover your own unique path, and perhaps, even the spiritual shoes that you are called to walk in this lifetime.


If you are having trouble deciding on what spread to choose, please do not hesitate to contact me. As a general guide the Celtic Cross, 6 Month Snapshot & Grand Tableau are good ones to start with, as I can tailor them to suit your question.

The Wheel of The Year   (ID: 12)

A simple but effective spread, this spread is designed to take a look at each month of the year ahead, this can be done at the start of the New Year or from your Birthday onwards. The central card is the card that represents you the client, and will be an Oracle card of which I am drawn to. I have noted in my time as a Tarot reader that having an Oracle card opposed to a Tarot card to represent the client gives a more truer/intuitive representation of the person asking the question, as it is read from a purely intuitive angle than the typical stereotype of what say The Queen of Cups might mean when it represents the person having the consultation.


 As with all readings nothing is written in stone, as a choice made further down the track will influence the reading in a different way. This spread will forecast the most likely outcome of the year if nothing changes much in the direction of your life throughout the year. 


All readings include a detailed written report ( pdf), along with a photo of the cards in the spread you have chosen. Currently readings can take up to 7 days to get back to you, please include the email address you want your reading to be sent too, and also check your Spam folder in case it ends up in there!

Introducing my own Lenormand Deck, the Australiana Lenormand. I always wanted to have a Lenormand that reflected where I live, so I created my own. Available through Printer Studio.