This feedback I received was on a reading I did way back in 2015! This was done on the Tarot website I work for, Phuture Me. I wanted to include it here because sometimes when we conduct a Tarot reading things can happen quite a distance in the future and in this case it was years, so it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to a Tarot reading, and not dismiss it,  just because it seems so far removed from where you currently are now in life.

"Your reading came to fruition in 2017-present! I didn’t ask a question I just pulled the digital cards and you were able to give me a very accurate reading!!! I mean I had this reading done years ago!

Excellent job. Thank you. I needed to hear this and you hit spot on. You have a talent for sure.

Tracy you did another fantastic job and you’re correct in the fact that I’ve taken steps to move forward and rid myself of toxicity. You’re very talented and personable. Thank you so much

Thank you very much for your readings. Sometimes we need to look in the situation from different point of view, you helped me a lot, thank you.


Thank you very much, when I was reading I had a feeling that you know us and the situation we are in. Thank you very much.


Thank you very much, I had a feeling that you are right person to get helped. Sorry I am not that fluent with English, but my appreciation to your help beyond any words. Thank you very much. 


Hello, it took me some to digest what you were saying, but I got it. Everything you said happened and still going on. Now I know I made a right choice. Thanks again and again. 


I just re read all of your readings and I can tell you that you see my life much better than I am. Thank you.


A regular client of mine, with feedback from a number of different readings I have done for her, over year.





Etsy Review, I no longer sell on Etsy due to unscrupulous changes that do not favour the little people.

5 out of 5 stars. 23 Mar, 2017

I really enjoyed this reading. Crossing fingers for a wonderful year ahead!

Year Ahead 2017


"Thank you Tracy! I really love your reading and feel so connecting with you. Thank you so much for your kind words about me. I'm glad to know you and you are truly gifted! Sending love to you!

Thank you Tracy! I am so much appreciate your fast responding! You are a best reader and so tune in! Yes I got the offer of that business building which is next to car wash place and gas station( water). That is why I choose to read with you again. I am really working for my dreams and I love what I do.One of My dream achieve to the top by helping many people get healthy lifestyle!
Thank you again for the amazing reading! I will come back to you very soon
Have a good night.

I stumbled on Tracy by serendipity. I was trying to buy what I thought was a deck of cards and I bought a Tarot reading instead. What a blessing!!!! The first reading was using a deck called Titania's Fortune Cards. I found her conscientious, thorough, honest, dependable, outgoing, and friendly and her readings for me have been accurate. Furthermore, to continue to say she is highly committed, has an exceptional intuitive mind, extensive background of experience as a reader would be tedious if extended here. Suffice to say, she was willing to go the extra mile to answer questions and clarify any questions while demonstrating empathy for my pain. Although this is a professional relationship, my psychotherapy background teaches me to evaluate people. 

I believe she is of good ethical/moral character, and I highly recommend her in the highest regards for anyone needing a reading for whatever life situation may arise